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Successful rebranding implemented while achieving financial objectives


Privately owned health benefits company


The client, owner of a health benefits practice, was in partnership with a financial benefits group. When his partner decided to retire, the client chose to move into his own practice offering exclusively health benefits consulting. This required the development of a whole new organization — new name, new branding, new offices and new messaging to current and future clients. He selected a name for his new firm and engaged a graphic designer to develop the new brand identity and a web designer to develop his new website. He quickly realized that he needed a strategic plan and someone to oversee the work of these newly engaged vendors.


Hire Leverage Point Advisors (LPA) to lead the rebranding efforts for this new organization. Since the key success factor would be for the new organization to successfully reinvent itself while achieving its financial objectives for the year, rebranding activities and investment were prioritized, with only the most critical in year one. The first phase of activities included the development of a strategic roadmap so that everyone understood the plan and how it would be implemented; management of the designer and web developer; and development of brand identity materials (stationery, business cards, etc.), a website, trade show banners and sales brochures.

During the development of phase one materials, it became evident that the original designer was not able to keep up with design needs after the initial brand identity was completed, so he was replaced to ensure all phase one materials would be delivered on time. With the responsibility for all rebranding resources (human and financial) with LPA, the client had confidence that his vision was represented in the work, and he appreciated having one group to hold accountable for the overall project. LPA is now implementing the long-term marketing plan, which will leverage future marketing activities as lead generation tools for the client’s sales effort.


All phase one materials were delivered on time and to the client’s satisfaction. With LPA managing all rebranding activities, the client not only met but exceeded his financial objectives for the first year in his new health benefits practice.

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