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“Nancy and the team at Leverage Point Advisors are incredibly versatile. Quickly learning our complicated market, they have been able to leverage their past healthcare experience to guide strategy and tactical execution across numerous areas of our business. I see the value they bring every day.”

— Mike P., Senior VP, Fortune 50 healthcare company

“I’ve worked with Leverage Point Advisors on numerous occasions. I continue to re-engage them because they continue to demonstrate that they understand what I need, helping me to balance investment across strategy, market research and promotion. Having been in my shoes, Nancy really understands the need for an early stage company to prioritize and rationalize marketing spend.”

— Andy C., entrepreneur and CEO, medical device company

“Nancy served as our head of marketing for over three years and I can honesty say I never looked at her as a consultant; she was a fully-integrated member of our team.”

— Dave W., CEO and co-founder, early-stage Health IT company

“The passion and commitment that Leverage Point Advisors brings to their work is reinvigorating to me as an entrepreneur. Having a partner who shares my enthusiasm, after working alone on my product for over three years, is almost more than I believed possible. With each new challenge, Leverage Point Advisors demonstrates their willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done and see me achieve my vision.”

— Michael C., entrepreneur and founder, medical device company

“When I had the opportunity to bring Leverage Point Advisors into my company, I was confident they’d be good because I’ve known Nancy for many years. They didn’t disappoint. From the very first meeting with our CEO, Leverage Point Advisors has demonstrated their ability to quickly grasp new businesses and markets, while keeping a keen eye on the needs of our customers and employees. These are the exact traits we were looking for in an outsourced executive marketing partner.”

— Bobbie S., VP of Business Development, consulting firm

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