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Vendor Selection and Management

Vendor SelectionDoes the idea of bringing in vendor partners to help deliver certain aspects of your marketing or launch plan seem foreboding?


Let Leverage Point Advisors help you to identify, evaluate and select, onboard and manage your marketing and sales vendors. We have years of experience doing that within Fortune 500 healthcare and consumer companies. We can quickly identify the right resources and bring them up to speed so that you can stay focused on the other critical issues on your desk.

Our services in this area include:

  • Identification – We have the experience and contacts to quickly narrow the field of viable vendor partners.
  • Evaluation and Selection – Our proven methods ensure that objective evaluation and cultural fit are equally weighted in the evaluation process.
  • Onboarding – Without effective onboarding, even the best vendor partners will not be successful. Allow us to take the time-consuming task of onboarding off your plate. We will deliver the initial onboarding and training and answer follow-up questions from the new partners until they are fully up to speed.
  • Ongoing Management – If you find yourself without the right executive resources to manage your marketing and sales vendors for the long term, Leverage Point Advisors’ experienced professionals can serve as interim business leaders within your organization. And we have pricing models to meet every budget.
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