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At Leverage Point Advisors, we understand the challenges a small company faces in a world of limited resources, fierce competition and regulatory hurdles. That’s why we’re passionate about bringing our business and market development expertise in the life sciences and consumer fields to our clients.

Imagine learning from someone else’s mistakes. Imagine capitalizing on ideas that have worked in the past and knowing what doesn’t work so well before you enter a market. You’re imaging having a Leverage Point Advisor as a part of your leadership team. We will bring our breadth of experience to your organization in a fashion that works for you no matter what phase of your business’ lifecycle you may find yourself.

  • Do you need help preparing and presenting a motivating business plan to investors?
  • Do you need help evaluating a marketplace to understand the competitive environment, user insights and long-term growth potential?
  • Do you need a launch plan developed and implemented?
  • Are you facing growing pains as you attempt to expand your business into new market segments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Leverage Point Advisors can help you to research, analyze, strategize, and implement the best possible solution to your current business challenges.

Our Values and Guiding Principles

  • Have a measurable and memorable impact in all we do
  • Be curious and driven to find the best possible solution for each challenge our clients face
  • Be practical, yet innovative
  • Be passionate and let it show
  • Treat our clients’ businesses as our own

What Sets Us Apart

  • Life sciences expertise with a foundation in consumer marketing
  • Practical experience gained working within very large, multinational and very small, entrepreneurial organizations
  • A belief that implementation is as important as strategy; we deliver effective implementation plans along with smart strategies
  • Continuous improvement philosophy – we set goals, measure against the goals and modify activities as needed for best results
  • Teamwork orientation – we are willing to roll-up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done
  • Midwestern location and work ethic
  • A passion to see our clients achieve greater success than they believed possible
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